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Demaco is an engineering and maintenance company specializing in marine rubber fenders and other products used in the commercial and industrial marine industry. Our clients include ports authorities, major oil terminals, and private port owners. We work with our clients to design and build a fender system that is cost-effective, safe and reliable. We provide a wide range of fender systems that can be used for small yachts to the largest vessels in the world.

Our rubber fenders are made from natural rubber. We fabricate them in a wide range of shapes and dimensions to meet the requirements of all possible operating conditions in the marine industry. They are designed to absorb the berthing energy by means of their deflection. Damage due to berthing operations can result in a substantial financial and operational penalties to ships and ports.

You can buy from Demaco a single fender if required, and in cases of emergencies we have a rapid delivery response. Demaco can also  provide you with the design of a complete fender system and installation for your port facility. We design and fabricate custom fenders to meet any requirements. If you do not see what you are looking for in our catalogue, please contact us and our engineering department will assist you selecting or designing a fender system that can meet your requirements.

Demaco also offers maintenance service for your fender systems. We can provide you with consulting services to assist your maintenance program. We can also carry out the maintenance in your port facility with our own personnel. Maintenance is highly critical in any port due to its highly corrosive environment. In all our sales we include maintenance recommendations. We also give our customers recommendations for correct material selection for minimizing maintenance cost and durability of the materials included in the fender system.

Out of our 300 acre land, we have 33 acres of free trade zone which allows us to pass on the tax benefits to our customers making our products price very competitive. To obtain more information about our products please click here.

Products Offered: Compressive, shearing, rotary, pneumatic, hydraulic, and foam-floating rubber fenders which are applicable in all kinds of harbor construction, shipbuilding, and maritime transportation. We also design and manufacture bollards for our clients. These products have a yearly throughput of over 7,000 metric tons.

We have over 1,000 different kinds of 21 series rubber fenders including: Super Cell, Super Cone, Arch, D, DD, DO, Cylinder, Tugboat, Pneumatic, Rotary, Float, Element, II, ST, Ladder, Rectangle, W, Fan, Buoy, Corner, and Plastic fenders. All of these fenders have over a thousand specifications.

Our fenders have won over 30 international bids: They have been exported to 176 different countries and areas including: Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Norway, Malta, USA, UK, France, Italy, German, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Sweden, Ireland, Holland, Finland, Yemen, Nigeria, Australia, Canada, Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, etc. To view our sales record from 2004 to 2005 please click here.

Long term warranties: Our fenders have proven to last over 15 years. We provide our clients with a two year warranty. We can also provide longer warranties. Every order includes shop drawings and performance certificates with graphs showing the test results. As a quality standard, a sample of the manufactured fenders will be tested to prove its rated performance. Upon request, we can submit the performance certificate witnessed and signed by a third party inspector such as Lloyds, SGS, or ABS prior to shipping.

Every orders also include specific installation instructions. Demaco also offers its customers the option of providing supervision or labor for the installation of the fender system.

For all these reasons, there is no comparison! Feel free to contact us for a design or a quote today! To view the different types of Fenders we offer please click here.